Our rates

Our hourly rates vary from NOK 1200 to NOK 3000 plus VAT, depending on the nature and complexity of the case.

The fee will mainly depend on the time taken, but also on the degree of complexity, the values involved in the case and result achieved.

The hourly rate will be agreed upon at the start of each case. In some cases we will be able to give a set price in advance. Expenses related to the case is an extra cost.

There will be a case confirmation for every assignment.

Free legal aid/free assistance by way of representation (ABWOR): FFor some cases that qualify for free legal aid/free ABWOR the state will cover all or most of the attorney fees.

This is especially the case for probate and child custody cases, child welfare cases, employment law, renting disputes and some cases in immigration law.

In some cases, free legal aid/free ABWOR depends on the client’s income not being too high.

For single people the limit is NOK 246 000 and for couples it is NOK 369 000. In most criminal cases, the court will cover the fees of the defence lawyer when there’s a bill of indictment.

In most cases of rape/public morals the court will cover the fee of the counsel for the aggrieved parties from when the case is reported to its completion in courts.

For some types of cases, the fees for legal advice can be covered by home insurance, residential insurance and car/boat insurance. The specifics stipulations for this coverage can be found in the insurance policy and the lawyer will help you clarify this.

VWe will help you clarify whether the case can be covered by legal advice insurance.