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About us

Andersen & Bache-Wiig is a Norwegian law firm with offices in Oslo.

The law firm has a Spanish department with both Spanish and Norwegian speaking attorneys and a Spanish and Norwegian speaking secretary. Together we offer tailor made services for all cases connected to Spain where both Norwegian and Spanish law must be followed.

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Employment law

Andersen & Bache-Wiig has extensive experience in providing dispute resolution and other support in working life.

Inheritance law and probate court

Several of our attorneys have specific expertise and broad experience in issues of inheritance.

Agreement & contract law

We provide assistance with regard to establishing new contracts, interpreting and terminating signed contracts, and in the event of breaches of contract.

Children's and family law

Andersen & Bache-Wiig provides assistance in all cases within children’s law, such as cases regarding custody, daily care, visitation, and paternity issues.

Child welfare law

Several of our attorneys have extensive experience in assisting client in child welfare cases both at an early stage and in cases before county social welfare boards and the courts of justice.

Tort law

Our attorneys also provide assistance in cases relating to personal injury and damage to property.

Real estate law

Andersen & Bache-Wiig has long-standing experience of cases in property law and provides a wide range of assistance from our attorneys./p>

Law relating to neighbours

Andersen & Bache-Wiig offers assistance in all legal matters relating to neighbours, in which the interests of neighbours collide and/or must be reconciled.

Corporate law

Andersen & Bache-Wiig has long-standing experience of issues of corporate law.

Spanish real estate and inheritance law

We have a dedicated unit in our office specialising in matters related to Spanish law.

Criminal law

In cases that are subject to the morality provisions of the Norwegian Criminal Code, including rape and sexual abuse of children and minors, the injured party is entitled to have counsel appointed upon petitioning the court.

Social security law

We can help you to make claims relating to all types of social security benefits under the National Insurance Act.

Immigration law

We are one of Norway’s biggest law firms in immigration law, and have broad expertise in the areas of asylum and refugee law, family immigration, work permits, deportation, revocation, visitor visas and citizenship.

Financial settlement following the end of cohabitation

Andersen & Bache-Wiig has a high level of expertise in financial settlements following the end of cohabitation arrangements between cohabitants and spouses, and can assist in dispute resolution both in and out of the courts.

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